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British Embassy launches “Inspiring Abilities” campaign to empower Egyptians with disabilities

UK’s Ambassador to Egypt John Casson launched a new campaign titled “Zaye Zayak” or “Inspiring Abilities”

British Ambassador John Casson and Egyptiam Minister Dr. Hisham Elsherif
British Ambassador John Casson and Egyptian Minister of local development Dr. Hisham Elsherif

On 11 December UK’s Ambassador to Egypt John Casson launched a new campaign titled “Zaye Zayak” or “Inspiring Abilities” , at an event celebrating the achievements of disabled Egyptians and the organisations that support them to fulfil their potential.

The Ambassador was accompanied by Minister of Local Development Dr. Hesham ElSherif, Member of Parliament Heba Hagrass, Founders of Helm Foundation Amena El-Saie and Ramez Maher, and the Head of Egypt Mission at Handicap International Celine Abric.

Ambassador John Casson congratulated a team of Egyptian champions who participated in the 2017 International Federation for Intellectual Impairment Sport (INAS) World Championships in Table Tennis and Swimming.

The event also showcased the work of organisations and social entrepreneurs working to improve the lives of disabled Egyptians using innovative technology. Many of the projects focused on improving access to daily life errands, social inclusion, education and work opportunities for disabled Egyptians, such as Ta2heal, which uses online learning and interactive games to educate children with disabilities.

A number of British companies which took part in the event, including Unilever and Vodafone, have implemented corporate social responsibility programmes to take a proactive role in promoting disabled rights in the workplace.

Ambassador John Casson said:

Tonight, we launch a new campaign to celebrate the role Egyptians with disabilities play in society, and to support the organisations giving them opportunities to succeed.

Egypt has inspirational role models of disabled people playing a leading role in society and the economy. The time has come to focus on abilities and possibilities, not just the disabilities and obstacles that hold people back. Because the successful countries in the twenty-first century will be the ones that give opportunities to all.

Zaye Zayak is part of the British Embassy’s Inspire Egypt campaign; an initiative that celebrates inspirational Egyptians from all walks of life, bringing them together and investing in their potential to make a difference to Egypt and the rest of the world. Through Inspire Egypt, the British Embassy runs a series of events and activities that profile leading Egyptian examples in sectors such as agriculture, education, sports, social enterprise, and equality between men and women.

Published 14 December 2017