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Bilateral Programme Budget Tanzania 2015-16: Call for bids

Funding available for projects that will support the UK’s Priorities in Tanzania



The British High Commission’s Bilateral Programme Budget is aimed at projects that will improve bilateral links between Tanzania and the UK and support the UK’s Foreign Policy Priorities in Tanzania

Priority areas for funding

Our priority areas for project funding this year are:

  • Human Rights (including freedom of assembly, association and expression, death penalty, child protection and Ending Sexual Violence in Conflict)

  • Prosperity – Improving the business environment in Tanzania

  • Governance (eg elections related projects, anti corruption)

This list is not exhaustive and any strong projects supporting UK Foreign Policy Priorities will be considered.

How much money is available for funding?

Our budget for this financial year is £30,000. Except in special circumstances, amounts provided to projects will generally not exceed £5,000. All budgets must be presented in both TZS and USD using the market rate. Project should have a clear purpose, demonstrate realistic outputs and represent value for money, all project activities must be completed by March 2016.

What will the Bilateral Programme not fund?

  • School fees, research or base line studies.

  • Core running costs, (e.g. salaries, utilities, rent, transport, etc).

  • Private commercial businesses, (e.g. piggeries, poultry and other similar ventures)

  • Micro-finance / loan schemes.

  • Please do NOT apply for funding for any of the above.

Reporting and Monitoring

Once a project concept has been approved a full project bid form should be completed making a case for the funding of the project. The bid form should contain documentary evidence of any assertions made by the implementers about the intended area of work. Periodic reports will be required from all funded projects and should include full financial accounts for the money used. Original receipts must be submitted for any project expenditure. Physical checks will be made on all ongoing projects. We expect 50% spend by end of October, 70% spend by December and 100% spend by end of February.

A completion report will be required usually within one month of the end of the project. Final payments will only be made after this has been submitted and approved.

NOTE: Money is paid out three months in arrears after verification of receipts and expenses. Implementers are therefore expected to deliver activities and claim reimbursement every three months.

When to apply:

The British High Commission will receive applications from 1st August – 21st August 2015. Organisations may apply for funding in the subsequent months but this will depend on how much allocation is unused. All BPB projects are annual, to be delivered within our Financial year (April 2015 to March 2016)

How to apply:

All bids should be filled out on a project concept form. All relevant forms are attached above. Completed forms should be emailed in soft copy to and

Proposal Form

Activity Based Budget

Published 3 August 2015