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A45/A46 Tollbar End upgrade near Coventry - Work to connect new water main

As part of the £106 million investment to improve the A45/A46 Tollbar End roundabout, A45 Stonebridge Highway and Stivichall Junction, a new water main is to be connected at Siskin Drive.


The work which is due to start on Wednesday 2 April, is expected to take place over the course of eight weeks.

To minimise disruption to motorists and businesses, as well as maintain traffic flow the Highways Agency is putting several measures in place:

• Part of the central reservation on Siskin Drive will be removed to maintain two lanes of traffic on Siskin Drive, leading from the Middlemarch business park, to Tollbar End roundabout; • The mini roundabout at the end of Siskin Drive, approaching Tollbar roundabout, will be removed and road markings installed for a temporary mini roundabout nearby to help maintain traffic discipline; • An additional inner lane will be created on the east bound section of Rowley Road to enable traffic from Rowley Road to gain access to Tollbar roundabout.

Part of Siskin Drive will be coned off and a large excavation made for the new water main connection and associated work.

Highways Agency project manager Paul Nagra said:

We have planned this work very carefully, and taken steps to minimise disruption, including ensuring the current two lanes at Siskin Drive are maintained while this water main work is carried out. However we will continue to monitor the situation carefully and make adjustments where possible to assist the traffic flow.

When completed, the Tollbar scheme will improve safety, journey times and capacity – for example, over 45% of traffic will be taken from the Tollbar roundabout onto the new underpass. Access to local businesses and Coventry Airport will also be improved, as will pedestrian access at the roundabout.

When we started this improvement, the works did cause some delays over and above what we expected, we responded quickly to the problem and put numerous measures in place which have greatly improved the situation.

The new temporary layout will be unfamiliar to drivers so we urge them to take extra care, and to drive safely through the road works.

The measures undertaken by the Highways Agency to reduce delays for drivers while the improvements are made include permanently turning off the pedestrian controlled pelican lights on the westbound section of A45. Alternative provision has been made via Siskin Drive where an additional pelican crossing has been installed. Also, slight adjustments have been made to the traffic lights on the approach to Tollbar roundabout on the A45 and A46.

To find out more about the A45/A46 Tollbar End Junction improvements visit the scheme’s website

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Published 31 March 2014