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17 of the Bills included in Queen's Speech extend to Scotland

UK Government's legislative programme 'means positive change for people across Scotland', says Scottish Secretary David Mundell.

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The legislative programme laid out in the Queen’s Speech will support people across the country and build on the many benefits of being part of the UK, Scottish Secretary David Mundell said today.

Seventeen of the Bills mentioned in the Speech extend to Scotland in full or in part, while 7 do not.

Mr Mundell said the government’s plans would give a helping hand to working people and families as well as major new powers for the Scottish Parliament.

The Scotland Bill will be introduced shortly and will deliver the recommendations of the Smith Commission on further devolution.

Other measures affecting Scotland include a focus on energy security and support for the North Sea oil and gas sector and moves to tackle extremism and strengthen counter-terrorism. The legislative programme also includes measures on immigration controls and an EU Referendum.

The National Insurance Contributions Bill/ Finance Bill also includes a commitment to ensure there are no rises in income tax rates, VAT or National Insurance contributions for the next 5 years.

Mr Mundell said:

Scotland’s future is on a better footing thanks to the government’s ambitious programme with measures to create jobs and support working people at the heart of our plan .

We are delivering quickly on further devolution by giving the Scottish Parliament wide-ranging new powers. That means Scotland will have a huge amount of flexibility to make its own decisions while keeping the many advantages of being part of the UK. The Scottish Government must now be clear on how it intends to use both these and its existing powers in the interests of Scotland.

The Government will bring forward 24 new bills, 17 of which will extend to Scotland.

Expected to extend to Scotland in full or in part:

Scotland Bill

Full Employment and Welfare Benefits Bill

Energy Bill

Immigration Bill

Enterprise Bill

Trade Unions Bill

Wales Bill

Northern Ireland (Stormont House Agreement) Bill

EU Referendum Bill

Investigatory Powers Bill

Psychoactive Substances Bill

Extremism Bill

National Insurance Contributions Bill

Bank of England Governance Bill

European Union (Finance) Bill

Votes for Life Bill

Armed Forces Bill

Do not extend to Scotland:

Childcare Bill

Housing Bill

Education and Adoption Bill

Cities and Local Government Devolution Bill

Police Reform and Criminal Justice Bill

Buses Bill

Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Bill

In draft:

UK Bill of Rights

Published 27 May 2015