West Cumbria Strategic Forum

This group is no longer operational.

This group is no longer operational.

The West Cumbria Strategic Forum exists to:

  • ensure a common understanding across all the key national, regional and local stakeholders of the socio economic issues, opportunities and threats in west Cumbria
  • establish innovative ways of working together in partnership by ensuring co-ordination across and between all levels of the Strategic Forum, including across Government departments to ensure a joined up approach
  • agree a long term strategy and action plan to create a sustainable economy for west Cumbria that matches or exceeds the average economic performance in the North West region

The WCSF was set up in November 2004. It stems from a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) between the Government, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), and the Local Authorities of West Cumbria to safeguard West Cumbria’s economic prosperity.

The West Cumbrian Spatial Masterplan was launched in July 2008. The WCSF initiated the plan, which sets out the strategies that West Cumbrian partners have identified as being important for the regeneration of the area.

The Masterplan was supplemented with the launch of the West Cumbria Economic Blueprint: Realising the Potential of Britain’s Energy Coast in June 2012.



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