UK Medicines Reclassification Platform

The UK Medicines Reclassification Platform for the reclassification of non-prescription medicines aims to increase stakeholder engagement in the reclassification process and to ensure the public receives maximum benefit from wider access to medicines when it is safe to do so.

Stakeholder platform reclassification final report

The final report from the UK Stakeholder Platform on Reclassification of Medicines that was set up in November 2014 to consider how to maximise the input from stakeholders in the process of reclassifying medicines.

Reclassification stakeholder platform - final report (PDF, 160KB, 27 pages)

Terms of reference

  1. To advise on strategies and processes that will ensure maximum engagement of all stakeholders in the reclassification of medicines.
  2. To advise on strategies and processes that will ensure the public has the support needed, including from healthcare professionals, to benefit from increased access to medicines after reclassification.
  3. To advise on:
    • the composition of ad-hoc task and finish groups set up to consider specific reclassification applications, and learning needs and support for group members to maximise their contributions to the group
    • the value of wider public consultation on reclassification applications and how to achieve maximum stakeholder engagement in the process
    • the advantages and disadvantages of risk minimisation measures used as part of the reclassification process from the perspective of healthcare professionals and medicines users and, where appropriate, to identify how these can be improved
    • the information needs of all stakeholders following the reclassification of a medicine to ensure the public is fully supported with sufficient, consistent and non-conflicting information about its safe and effective use
    • elements that should be considered, from stakeholders’ perspectives, when reviewing the outcome of a reclassification
    • whether there is public benefit in taking a proactive approach to reclassification of medicines
  4. To advise on any other strategic issues concerning stakeholder engagement in the reclassification process.


  • Simon Adams, lay representative
  • Johanne Barry, Pharmacy Forum, Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland
  • Marguerite Beard-Gould, lay representative
  • Rob Darracott, Pharmacy Voice
  • Martin Duerden, Royal College of General Practitioners
  • Trevor Fernandes, lay representative
  • Andrew Green, British Medical Association
  • Alpana Mair, Scottish Government
  • Bob McNabb, lay representative
  • Theo Raynor, University of Leeds
  • Gul Root, Department of Health
  • Ash Soni, Royal Pharmaceutical Society
  • Ruth Wakeman, Royal Pharmaceutical Society
  • Roger Walker, Chief Pharmaceutical Officer, Welsh Government
  • Bruce Warner, NHS England


  • Helen Darracott, the Proprietary Association of Great Britain
  • Sunayana Shah, Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Paul Flemming, British Generic Manufacturers Association


Platform minutes December 2015 (PDF, 40.1KB, 4 pages)

Platform minutes September 2015 (PDF, 23.2KB, 4 pages)

Platform minutes February 2015 (PDF, 33.4KB, 7 pages)

Platform minutes November 2014 (PDF, 25.7KB, 4 pages)

Progress Report

Report of workshop on reclassification and good governance of non-prescription medicines (June 2014) (PDF, 109KB, 18 pages)