UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS)

New technologies inspire children to be creative, communicate and learn. However, while the internet is a great resource, it is important that children and young people are protected from the risks they may encounter. The UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS) is a group of more than 200 organisations drawn from across government, industry, law, academia and charity sectors that work in partnership to help keep children safe online. The Council was established in 2010 following a review by Professor Tanya Byron and discusses and takes action on topical issues concerning children’s use of the internet.

UKCCIS latest news:

The online world is a hugely important part of many children’s lives and social media is a big aspect of this, with half (48%) of online 9-16s saying that they visit a social networking profile daily. On 22 December, UKCCIS published two new guides to support child safety online:

  • A practical guide for parents and carers (PDF, 105KB, 2 pages) whose children are using social media. *The guide includes practical tips about the use of safety and privacy features on apps and platforms, as well as conversation prompts to help families begin talking about online safety. It also contains pointers to further advice and support.
  • A practical guide for providers of social media and interactive services (PDF, 4.23MB, 60 pages) *The guide has examples of good practice from leading technology companies, and advice from NGOs and other online child safety experts. Its purpose is to encourage businesses to think about “safety by design” to help make their platforms safer for children and young people under 18.

UKCCIS achievements include:

  • implementing an unavoidable choice for home broadband customers about whether to turn on parental control filters, as well as considering potential problems around overblocking.
  • working with the Registered Digital Institute to design a Friendly Wifi logo, to allow parents and families to easily identify places where they can be sure that the public wifi has filtered inappropriate websites.
  • creating summaries of a large body of internet safety research
  • developing a series of guidance documents for industry, including on social networking (PDF, 232KB, 54 pages) , moderation (PDF, 210KB, 44 pages) , search (PDF, 329KB, 30 pages) , chat (PDF, 151KB, 24 pages) and advice for industry on effective internet safety messages (PDF, 242KB, 21 pages)

UKCCIS members

The Council’s work is made possible by the enthusiasm, energy and efforts of its members.

Executive Board members

The UKCCIS Executive Board brings together representatives from across the membership on a quarterly basis and is chaired jointly by Baroness Joanna Shields, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Internet Safety and Security, Karen Bradley MP, Minister for Preventing Abuse and Exploitation, and Edward Timpson MP, Minister of State for Children and Families.

The Executive Board is responsible for identifying priority areas of work, and sets the strategic direction for UKCCIS. Read the Executive Board’s Executive Board’s terms of reference (PDF, 87.1KB, 4 pages) .

Including the three Ministerial Chairs, Board membership consists of:

  • Julian Ashworth, Chief Strategy Officer, BT
  • Daniel Butler, Head of Public Affairs, Virgin Media
  • John Carr, Secretary, CHIS
  • David Austin, BBFC
  • Catherine Duggan, Head of Child Protection Policy, Scottish Executive
  • Will Gardner, Safer Internet Centre
  • Jonny Gwynne, Director, CEOP Command
  • Susie Hargreaves, CEO, Internet Watch Foundation (IWF)
  • Lindsay Harvey, Welsh Assembly
  • Nicola Hodson, Director of Marketing and Operations, Microsoft
  • Aleyne Johnson, Head of Government Relations, Samsung
  • Adam Kinsley, Director of Policy, BskyB,
  • Claire Lilley, Head of Child Safety Online, NSPCC
  • Sonia Livingstone, Professor, LSE
  • Eilis McDaniel, Northern Ireland Executive
  • Dave Miles, Director, FOSI
  • Katie O’Donovan, Public Policy and Government Relations Manager, Google
  • Tink Palmer, CEO Marie Collins Foundation,
  • Claudio Pollack, Director Consumer Group, Ofcom
  • Cindy Rose, Managing Director, Consumer Division, Vodafone
  • Rishi Saha, Head of Public Policy, UK, Facebook
  • Vicki Shotbolt, CEO, Parentzone
  • Jo Twist, CEO, UKIE
  • Iain Wood, Public Affairs Manager, TalkTalk

Associate Members

UKCCIS Associate Members List (PDF, 120KB, 6 pages)

Appointment process

Organisations wishing to become a member of the wider council, please contact the Secretariat at Applications will be considered at the subsequent Executive Board meeting.

Working groups

The Executive Board has created the following five working groups to consider topical issues:

UKCCIS Board meeting notes

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