Permanent Joint Headquarters

Part of Strategic Command, PJHQ is based in Northwood and commands joint and multinational military operations on behalf of the Ministry of Defence.

Our responsibilities

Headed by the Chief of Joint Operations (CJO), Lieutenant General Charlie Stickland CB OBE, PJHQ is responsible for:

  • planning, executing and integrating UK led joint and multinational overseas military operations
  • commanding UK Forces which have been assigned to multinational operations led by others
  • providing policy aware military advice to the Ministry of Defence (MOD).
  • directing and overseeing Standing Joint Force HQ, Joint Force HQ and the Standing Joint Force Logistics Command

Our organisation

Staffed with tri-service personnel and civil servants, PJHQ is built around 8 divisions with the following responsibilities:

  • J1: personnel
  • J2: operational intelligence
  • J3: current operations
  • J4: logistics/medical
  • J5: crisis and deliberate planning
  • J6: communication and information systems
  • J8: finance and human resources
  • J9: policy, legal and media operations