The Automotive Investment Organisation (AIO)

The AIO works with overseas investors to increase investment into UK Automotive. We focus on the supply chain, motorsport and the UK’s automotive R&D sector. We also help companies export from the UK.

The Automotive Investment Organisation (AIO) is part of UK Trade and Investment (UKTI).

Who we work with

The AIO works closely with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).

Our responsibilities

We’re responsible for:

  • persuading foreign manufacturers of automotive components to build/expand UK factories
  • encouraging investment into the UK automotive Research and Development (R&D) sector
  • helping UK suppliers to grow their business by exporting

What we do

We promote UK Automotive to overseas investors and provide help to UK suppliers. This includes:

  1. representing UK Automotive in other countries to ensure the UK remains at the forefront of the global industry
  2. working with UK manufacturers to identify which components are sourced from overseas, and encouraging suppliers of these components to invest in UK facilities
  3. promoting R&D opportunities to help inward investment and keep the UK at the cutting edge of global automotive innovation
  4. promoting the UK’s world-leading motorsports industry overseas
  5. explaining UK government financial support – including support for capital investment, staff training, R&D and export finance
  6. helping to set up new businesses by identifying locations for manufacturing facilities, company offices, visas and recruitment
  7. providing information on forthcoming and current export opportunities and supporting UK companies to attend overseas events and missions


Contact the Automotive Investment Organisation to find out more about the UK’s automotive sector.



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