Strategic Trade Advisory Group

The Strategic Trade Advisory Group (STAG) provides a forum for high-level strategic discussions between government, and stakeholders representing a cross-section of interests from all parts of the UK on trade policy matters.

The Strategic Trade Advisory Group was established in April 2019.


STAG’s principal purpose is for the government to engage with stakeholders, helping to shape our future trade policy and realise opportunities across all nations and regions of the UK through high level strategic discussion.

Chair and structure

The group is chaired by the Minister for International Trade at the Department for International Trade (DIT).

The secretariat function is provided by DIT.

The group will meet as required but approximately three times a year. DIT will make available the dates and times of the meetings.

The group publishes summaries of meeting discussions.


STAG is made up of 21 members and 4 experts.

In line with its commitment to review the membership and functionality of the group, DIT published an Expression of Interest for new members in July 2020.

The membership of the group has been designed to represent the views of business, civil society, consumers and academia from across the country. The group has been expanded to include a greater number of ‘nationwide’ business representatives from across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It has also been expanded to include a dedicated representative for the Environment and Climate. Members have been selected to provide a breadth of knowledge and experience.

Membership for the period 2020 to 2022 is:

  • Minister for International Trade (chair)
  • Tony Danker, Confederation of British Industry (business representative organisation)
  • Mike Cherry OBE, Federation of Small Businesses (SME)
  • Paul Nowak, Trades Union Congress (Trade Unions)
  • Nick Coburn CBE, Ulster Carpets (regional/national business)
  • Liz Cameron OBE, Scottish Chamber of Commerce (regional/national business)
  • Andy Richardson, Volac International (regional/national business)
  • Marc Shrimpling, Osborne Clarke LLP (regional/national business)
  • Emma Ormond, Primark (regional/national business)
  • Matthew Kilcoyne, Adam Smith Institute (think tank)
  • Professor Julian Beer, Birmingham City University (academia)
  • Sue Davies MBE, Which? (consumer choice)
  • Scott Steedman CBE, British Standards Institution (consumer protection and standards)
  • Dirk Willem te Velde, Overseas Development Institute (trade for development)
  • Nick von Westenholz, National Farmers Union (agriculture)
  • Julian David, Tech UK (digital)
  • Bina Mehta, KPMG (professional and business services)
  • Denise Valin Alvarez, Burberry (fashion and textiles)
  • Michael Gidney, Fairtrade Foundation (non-governmental organisation)
  • Philip Bouverat, JCB (manufacturing)
  • Shaun Spiers, Greener UK (environment and climate)

Experts - in addition to the 21 members, the STAG also consists of 4 experts:

  • Adam Marshall, British Chambers of Commerce (market access expert)
  • Robert Colvile, Centre for Policy Studies (trade policy expert)
  • Mark Littlewood, Institute of Economic Affairs (trade policy expert)
  • Mark Abrams, Trade Finance Global (trade finance expert)

Membership will be reviewed after 2 years.