Star Chamber Scrutiny Board

The Star Chamber helps the Department for Education to assess data collections for schools and children’s services.

Terms of reference

The Star Chamber helps review all Department for Education data collections relating to children’s services, schools and families.

It aims to ensure all proposed collections are:

  • possible
  • necessary
  • good value
  • as easy and quick to complete as possible


These reports contain comments that are provided by the external members of the Star Chamber and do not necessarily reflect the Department for Education position.

Meeting and submission dates

Meetings are usually held on the first Thursday of every month.

The usual deadline for submitting a data collection proposal to the Star Chamber secretariat is midday, 10 calendar days before the meeting.


The Star Chamber is made up of representatives from schools and local authorities.

Current members are:

  • Jamie James (Chair, Data Operations Division)
  • Paul Hirst (Co Chair, Data Operations Division)
  • Stuart Beck (National Association of Head Teachers)
  • Robert Campbell (Sheffield City Council)
  • Stephen Clark (associate local authority member)
  • Mathew Downs (Highcliffe School, Dorset)
  • Chloe Grier (Dorset Council)
  • Chris Hill (associate school member)
  • Derek Hills (Anthem Trust)
  • Michael Howe (Ofsted)
  • Chris Hudson (Leeds City Council)
  • Laura Humber (Manchester City Council)
  • Rashid Jussa (London Innovation & Improvement Alliance)
  • Damien Kearns (Regional Education Director, AET)
  • Judith Kemp (Suffolk Virtual School)
  • Sharon McBriarty (Kirklees local authority)
  • Jeanette Miller (Bursledon Schools, Southampton)
  • Mike Parkin (Worcestershire local authority)
  • Daryl Perilli (Brighton & Hove local authority)
  • Cathy Piotrowski (associate local authority member)
  • Kerry Stamp (Bursledon Federation)
  • Simon Utting (Hackney Learning Trust)
  • Christopher Woolf (International Director, Wellington College International)
  • Nigel Wright (Oakmoor School, Hampshire)


Star Chamber Scrutiny Board Secretariat
Data Operations Division
2 St Paul's Place
125 Norfolk Street
S1 2FJ

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