Scientific Pandemic Influenza Subgroup on Modelling

The Scientific Pandemic Influenza Subgroup on Modelling (SPI-M) maps out the range of possible risks when dealing with a new pandemic flu virus and to suggest which responses are robust over the range of uncertainty.

Role of group

Provides expert advice to the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Advisory Committee (SPI), which in turn advises government on scientific matters relating to the health response to an influenza pandemic.


  • Dr Peter Grove, Chair (Department of Health)
  • Professor John Edmunds (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)
  • Professor Neil Ferguson (Imperial College Faculty of Medicine)
  • Dr Ian Hall (Health Protection Agency)
  • Professor Matt Keeling (University of Warwick)
  • Dr Steve Leach (Health Protection Agency)
  • Dr Peter White (Health Protection Agency)