Review of the Regulation of Cosmetic Interventions Committee

The purpose of this committee was to assess existing arrangements for ensuring the quality and safety of cosmetic interventions.The committee's work has concluded. It published its final report in April 2013 that sets out recommendations to protect people who choose cosmetic surgery.

Role of the group

The committee was set up as a result of increasing concern over standards of cosmetic surgery and products, highlighted by investigations into PiP silicone breast implants.

The committee reviewed existing guidelines for ensuring the physical and psychological health of people having cosmetic interventions.

It addressed areas such as:

  • quality of products used
  • ability of staff
  • informed consent
  • redress in the event of harm
  • systems for reporting patient outcomes.

The committee published its report in April 2013 that sets out recommendations to ministers both on any interim suggestions and to inform a UK contribution to an EU review.


  • Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, (Chair), NHS Medical Director
  • Andrew Vallance-Owen (BUPA)
  • Catherine Kydd (campaigner on PiP implants)
  • Professor Sir Ian Kennedy (University College London)
  • Trish Halpin (Marie-Claire magazine)
  • Dr Rosemary Leonard (GP and media doctor)
  • Professor Shirley Pearce (clinical psychologist )
  • Simon Withey (plastic surgeon)
  • Vivienne Parry (writer and broadcaster)


4 March, 2013: minutes and agenda (PDF, 123KB, 2 pages)

4 February, 2013: minutes and agenda (PDF, 258KB, 7 pages)

For previous minutes please go to the National Archives website.

Terms of reference

Terms of reference (PDF, 15.7KB, 1 page)