Resources and Waste Targets Expert Group

The Resources and Waste Targets Expert Group provides independent technical advice to inform the development of legally binding resource efficiency and waste reduction targets for England.

Role of the group

The Environment Bill requires government to set at least one long-term target in 4 priority areas:

  • air quality
  • biodiversity
  • water
  • resource efficiency and waste reduction

The Resources and Waste Targets Expert Group (RWTEG) helps government to meet the requirement to set at least one target on resource efficiency and waste reduction. Separate groups advise on air quality, biodiversity and water targets.

Terms of reference

The group aims to provide:

  • guidance throughout the life cycle of evidence development, including recommending appropriate analytical methods, datasets and evidence
  • advise on the content of final evidence outputs and interim products
  • expert judgement in evaluating target evidence

The group does not aim to decide:

  • which targets will be set; this is a role for the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.
  • policy roadmaps or pathways for the delivery of the targets.

RWTEG terms of reference (PDF, 168KB, 5 pages)


The group brings together relevant experts in this area. Members are appointed based on their specific skills, knowledge and experience. The group is chaired by Professor Paul Ekins.

The members are:

  • Professor Paul Ekins – Professor of Resources and Environmental Policy, University College London (Chair)
  • Professor John Barrett – Professor of Energy & Climate Policy, University of Leeds
  • Professor Margaret Bates – Executive Director, On-Pack Recycling Label Ltd.
  • Professor Raimund Bleischwitz – Chair in Sustainable Global Resources, University College London
  • Professor Peter Hopkinson – Co-Director, Exeter Centre for the Circular Economy, University of Exeter Business School
  • Doctor Lucy O’Shea – Senior Lecturer, Economics, University of Bath
  • Professor Phil Purnell – Professor of Materials and Structures, University of Leeds
  • Professor Jacopo Torriti – Professor of Energy Economics and Policy, University of Reading


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