Pollinators Expert Advisory Group

The pollinators expert advisory group closed in November 2014.

The Pollinators Expert Advisory Group was an independent panel of experts, brought together by Defra’s Chief Scientist Professor Ian Boyd, to oversee a range of activities that have contributed to the development of the National Pollinator Strategy (NPS).

The group reviewed published evidence on the status of pollinators and pollination services and identified gaps in research where appropriate.

Terms of reference

The Pollinators Expert Advisory Group was tasked with:

  • providing challenge and support to the Department’s Chief Scientific Adviser (CSA) by conducting independent quality assurance of the scientific evidence base on the factors affecting the densities and health of wild and managed pollinator populations and the ecosystem services (pollination) they provide
  • identifying gaps and key research questions in the scientific evidence base at present or likely in the foreseeable future, and support the development of evidence strategy to address these gaps
  • advising on the development and design of experiments to assess the effect of pesticides on pollinators and pollination at the landscape scale


The group’s members were:

  • Professor Charles Godfray, University of Oxford (chair of group)
  • Professor Lin Field, Rothamsted Research
  • Professor Rosemary Hails, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology
  • Professor Nick Hanley, University of Stirling
  • Professor Stephen Martin, University of Salford
  • Professor Simon Potts, University of Reading
  • Dr Adam Vanbergen, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology


The following work was carried out by the group.