The Digital Transformation Portfolio

The Digital Transformation Portfolio sets out how the government and national health and care organisations aim to use information technology to improve health and social care services in England.

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) is overseeing a £4.2bn delivery programme from 2016 to 2021. Approximately one third of the budget is allocated to transformational programmes. The remaining budget supports live services, business as usual and statutory functions.


In 2014 the National Information Board published the policy paper ‘Personalised health and care 2020: a framework for action’ to support staff, patients and the public to take better advantage of the digital opportunity.

Corporate information

Our governance

In 2016, a Chief Clinical Information Officer (CCIO) was appointed for the first time by NHS England, NHS Improvement and the DHSC. This joint appointment acts as the representative for the health and social care system.

The CCIO reports to DHSC and NHS England and is accountable for the performance of NHS Digital to deliver programmes within the Digital Transformation Portfolio. The Portfolio operates through a Digital Delivery Board (DDB), which will ensure effective discussion, prioritisation and approval of matters relating to technology and information systems and programmes.

The DDB has a number of subgroups which feed into the overall governance structure of the Digital Transformation Portfolio:

  • Technology and Data Investment Board (TDIB);
  • Data Coordination Board (DCB) and
  • Enterprise Architecture Board (EAB);

Digital Delivery Board membership


  • Simon Eccles (NHS Chief Clinical Information Officer)
  • Will Smart (Chair, NHS Clinical Information Officer)
  • Jonathan Marron (Acting Director General of Community Health & Social Care, DHSC)
  • Matthew Swindells (Deputy Cheif Executive, NHS England)
  • Sarah Wilkinson (Chief Executive Officer, NHS Digital)
  • Jeremy Marlow (Executive Director of Operational Productivity, NHS Improvement)


  • Rob Shaw (Deputy Chief Executive, NHS Digital)
  • Chris Young (Acting Finance Director, DHSC)
  • Carl Vincent (Chief Financial Officer, NHS Digital)
  • Tim Donohoe (Chair of TDIB, DHSC)
  • Katie Farrington (Chair of DCB, DHSC)
  • Indi Singh (Chair of EAB, NHS Digital)
  • Tara Donnelly (Interim Chief Digital Officer)
  • Barry Frostick (Head of CCIO Portfolio Office, CCIO Portfolio Office)
  • Alex Munn (Senior Policy Adviser, HM Treasury)
  • Martin John (Deputy Director of Public Services, IPA)
  • Simon Enright (Director of Communications, NHS England)


Read minutes from the Digital Delivery Board meetings


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