Business Partnerships Team

“Building long-term partnerships between business and government to tackle the UK’s biggest social and economic challenges.”

Who we are

The Business Partnerships Team sits at the heart of the government in the Cabinet Office Government Communication Service. Led by Shevaun Haviland, the team works to build successful, long-term partnerships between business and government to deliver the voice of business into policy development and transformation. Strong and successful partnerships between business and government are crucial in addressing our shared challenges and building a Britain fit for the future. Read more about the Business Partnerships Team here.

The Business Partnerships Team focuses on four priority sectors:

  • finance and professional services
  • manufacturing, construction and energy
  • retail, food and drink
  • technology and telecoms

The Business Partnerships Team

How we can help

Our partnership can support you in:

We can help you to navigate government and connect you to relevant Whitehall teams and projects.

Delivering business expertise into government

We feed valuable expertise back into government to develop and shape future policy.

Creating partnerships between your business and the government to deliver meaningful policy and campaigns

We want to have proactive, engaging partnerships, inspiring you to address societal challenges, support impactful government policy and help deliver strategic campaigns.

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Contact us

You can contact us by sending an email to:

Our partnerships are already working closely with business on the Inclusive Economy Partnership.