Office for Nuclear Development (OND)

The Office for Nuclear Development (OND) was created in September 2008. It focuses on removing potential barriers to investment, and signals clearly to the industry the serious intent of the government to push forward nuclear new build.

Lee McDonough is Director of the OND. The OND is made up of civil servants, and staff seconded from the private sector including lawyers and industry experts.

The Office for Nuclear Development is facilitating new nuclear investment in the UK, by:

  • enabling operators to build and operate new nuclear power stations in the UK from the earliest possible date
  • enabling new nuclear to make the fullest contribution it is capable of with unnecessary obstacles removed
  • building and maintaining the UK as the best market in the world for companies to do business in nuclear power
  • maximising the ability of UK firms to take advantage of the UK-and-worldwide nuclear programme
  • working with industry and others to meet new nuclear skills requirements and to develop a globally competitive UK supply chain

The OND exercises its functions in a manner that takes account of the relevant regulatory regimes and the government’s broader energy goals. When providing advice to ministers on regulatory decisions such as regulatory justification, the OND will not have regard to its mission statement.

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