Nuclear Non-Governmental Organisation Forum

Organises stakeholder meetings with NGOs, government and nuclear regulatory stakeholders to address issues of NGOs regarding new build nuclear reactors and nuclear waste management.

Role of the group

By bringing together government with key NGO and Nuclear Regulatory stakeholders, the forum ensures there is regular and high-level contact between all parties on the issues that matter the most to NGOs.

The forum’s main objectives are:

  • to ensure clarity, transparency and openness in relation to the potential nuclear element of developing a low carbon energy sector
  • to allow the free and frank exchange of views between informed parties around the issues of new nuclear build, waste management (from new build but embracing legacy waste management as well as seen fit), securing safe interim storage for waste, to examine the implications of national policy statements, planning matters, justification and associated issues such as low level radiation, research and development, the Generic Design Assessment (GDA) process, Guidance for Regulatory Authorisations, security and those other items, at national and site level, the meeting decides are germane to its task

These meetings will be held on an ad hoc basis, the frequency of which will be kept under review depending on the work programme and in consultation with attendees.


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Terms of reference

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