National Vaccine Evaluation Consortium

The National Vaccine Evaluation Consortium (NVEC) conducted a large number of clinical trials over several decades, ceasing existence at the end of 2018. Details of these trials can be found in the 'past studies' section below.

If you have a question or need advice in relation to these studies, please contact Dr Elizabeth Coates in the Public Health England (PHE) Research and Development (R&D) office


The National Vaccine Evaluation Consortium (NVEC):

  • evaluated new vaccines and vaccination schedules to inform decisions about vaccinations given by the NHS
  • provided this information to the Department of Health using data from clinical trials in adults, children and babies
  • assisted the Department of Health in developing the UK national immunisation schedule

In partnership with universities and NHS researchers, NVEC members were experts in their field: doctors, laboratory scientists, epidemiologists, nurses, statisticians and data managers. Some partners were involved in all studies, some in particular pieces of work only.

NVEC coordinated most of its clinical trials at PHE through the Immunisation, Hepatitis and Blood Safety Health Protection Service. The trials took place at PHE clinical hubs in Gloucestershire and Hertfordshire.

Past clinical trials

NVEC trials assess the likely effect on people of a new vaccine when it is introduced. Find out more about clinical trials on NHS Choices.


Information leaflet for children aged 6 to 13 years: flushed (PDF, 208KB, 2 pages) Information leaflet for parents and carers: flushed (PDF, 316KB, 11 pages)

PRIME follow up

PRIME follow up information leaflet (PDF, 160KB, 4 pages)

HPV follow up

HPV follow up information leaflet (PDF, 159KB, 4 pages)

Find out about the HPV follow up.


Information leaflet for participants aged 16 and above: Multiboost study (PDF, 293KB, 8 pages) Information leaflet for participants aged under 16: Multiboost study (PDF, 145KB, 2 pages) Parents and guardians information leaflet for those under 16: Multiboost study (PDF, 274KB, 8 pages)

Find out about Multiboost vaccine trial.


Parent information leaflet (PDF, 333KB, 7 pages)

Hepatitis B vaccination in infants (Infanrix)




Pneumococci in the nose (PIN)

Participant information leaflet (PDF, 394KB, 4 pages) Information leaflet for under 5 year olds (PDF, 297KB, 1 page) Information leaflet for 5-10 year olds (PDF, 380KB, 1 page) Information leaflet for 11-16 year olds (PDF, 360KB, 2 pages) Information leaflet for 16-18 year olds (PDF, 398KB, 4 pages)

LAIV immuno

Parent information leaflet (PDF, 204KB, 8 pages) Information leaflet for 5-6 year olds (PDF, 314KB, 1 page) Information leaflet for 7-10 year olds (PDF, 159KB, 1 page)

For more information about past clinical trials, see The National Archives.

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