Naming and Approvals Committee (NAC)

The Naming and Approvals Committee (NAC) manages requests for government domain names.


The NAC is responsible for approving or rejecting all requests for:

  • new domain names
  • changing ownership of domain names
  • appeals against the above decisions

NAC also makes sure that URLs are used in accordance with the guidance on naming and registering government websites. The committee meets annually to review the guidance and to discuss any related matters that arise.


Name From Representing
Evans Bissessar (Chair) Cabinet Office Central government
Giovanni Sorenti Jisc Jisc
Tony Glenholmes NHS Health and Social Care Information Centre NHS
Aeddan Davies Welsh government The devolved administrations
William Paul Scottish government The devolved administrations
Lee Goudie Northern Ireland Government The devolved administrations
Angela Coates Hampshire County Council Local government
Jon Learoyd North Yorkshire County Council Local government

Committee meetings