Marine Energy Programme Board

The Marine Energy Programme Board (MEPB) makes recommendations to the government on priorities for the Marine Energy Programme.

Role of the group

The MEPB, which draws together key stakeholders from across the marine energy sector, plays a central role in advising ministers what actions the Marine Energy Programme should address to advance the industry.

Membership & Meetings

The MEPB is made up of representatives from across the industry including utilities, large industrials, technology developers, and from financiers, the Devolved Administrations and other interest groups. MEPB meetings are held annually and are chaired at Ministerial level.

In 2013, the MEPB Programme Management Group (PMG) was put in place to ensure that the MEPB workgroups meets their objectives. Membership to the PMG is by nomination by DECC and meetings are held quarterly.


Through a number of workgroups, the board will focus on particular issues faced by the sector to provide evidence and to propose a way forward. Workgroups are dynamic teams which change to reflect the needs and issues within the marine industry over time. The current workgroups are:

  • Economic Benefits
  • Finance - formerly Energy Market Reform (EMR)
  • Grid Access & Island Charging
  • Consent & Licensing

Minutes: MEPB

25 February 2014, minutes (PDF, 403KB, 5 pages)

13 June 2013, minutes (PDF, 325KB, 5 pages)

Minutes: PMG

21 July 2015 minutes (PDF, 179KB, 4 pages)

15 August 2014, minutes (PDF, 344KB, 11 pages)

29 April 2014 minutes (PDF, 318KB, 7 pages)

30 January 2014 minutes (PDF, 378KB, 3 pages)

21 November 2013 minutes (PDF, 435KB, 5 pages)

22 July 2013 minutes (PDF, 383KB, 4 pages)

Key Documents

Terms of Reference for the MEPB (PDF, 225KB, 3 pages)

Terms of Reference for the PMG (PDF, 97.5KB, 1 page)


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