Local Service Provider exit steering group

The steering group provides input to the strategy for exit from the NHS Local Service Provider contracts.


  • Tim Donohoe Chair, (Department of Health)
  • Karen Wheeler (Department of Health)
  • Tom Denwood (Health and Social Care Information Centre)
  • Beverly Bryant (NHS England)
  • Bob Alexander (NHS Trust Development Agency)
  • Mark Davies (Department of Health)
  • Andrew Baigent (Department of Health)
  • Steve Verdon (Department of Health)
  • Chris Hall (Cabinet Office)
  • Ann McChesney (Major Projects Authority)
  • Robert Kettell (HM Treasury)
  • Paul Chandler (Monitor)


Read publications from the LSP exit steering group


If you would like a copy of meeting notes produced after each LSP exit steering group please contact: lsp@dh.gsi.gov.uk

Terms of Reference

The Department of Health holds the LSP contracts on behalf of the Secretary of State for Health and retains control of funds.

The steering group will ensure :

  • exit strategies are in place for the LSP contracts
  • the supplier market delivers value for money replacement

Contact details