International Development Sector Transparency Panel

Information about the DFID International Development Sector Transparency Panel (STP) including its role and minutes.

Role of the Group

The International Development Sector Transparency Panel was established by the Department for International Development to drive forward the government’s transparency agenda. It will seek to challenge, influence and advise DFID on its approach to international development transparency.

The panel was brought together as a result of the Prime Minister’s 2011 letter on transparency and DFID’s Aid Transparency Challenge. DFID has a bold and ambitious vision on transparency. We believe it should be possible for anyone, anywhere to track global development spending right through the system from taxpayer to beneficiary. DFID has set a challenge to itself and its implementing partners to take steps to make all DFID development spending traceable right through the system.

Increasing the transparency and traceability of development spending has the potential to transform the way development assistance is delivered and to improve its impact. It will make it easier for UK taxpayers and citizens in poor countries to hold donors and recipient governments to account for using aid money wisely.


The members of the panel are:

Former members of the Panel are:

The panel is chaired by Les Campbell, Director of Value for Money at DFID.

Terms of Reference, Agendas and Meeting Papers

15 May 2013

Meeting Agenda (MS Word Document, 58.7KB)

Terms of Reference: International Development Sector Transparency Panel (MS Word Document, 28.8KB)

Progress Update (MS Word Document, 37.5KB)

Future Priorities (MS Word Document, 178KB)

8 October 2013

Meeting Agenda (MS Word Document, 19.8KB)

Aid Transparency Challenge Fund Options Paper (DRAFT) (MS Word Document, 66.2KB)

DevTracker Strategy 2013 (DRAFT) (MS Word Document, 22.4KB)

Annex 2: Minimum level of disclosure (MS Word Document, 17KB)

Supplier transparency pilot (MS Powerpoint Presentation, 211KB)

23 January 2014

Meeting agenda (MS Word Document, 19.3KB)

Concept note: Aid Transparency Impact Fund (MS Word Document, 111KB)

Open data strategy summary 2014-2015 (MS Powerpoint Presentation, 80.3KB)

5 March 2015

Meeting agenda (PDF, 203KB, 1 page)

The work of the panel (PDF, 297KB, 2 pages)

Key topics in transparency (PDF, 303KB, 3 pages)

17 November 2015

Meeting Agenda (PDF, 85.4KB, 2 pages)

Management Information (MS Powerpoint Presentation, 528KB)

Meeting minutes

17 November 2015 Meeting minutes (PDF, 355KB, 6 pages)

5 March 2015 Meeting minutes (PDF, 430KB, 6 pages)

23 January 2014 Minutes of International Development Sector Transparency Panel meeting held 23 January 2014 (MS Word Document, 43.4KB)

15 May 2013: Meeting Minutes (MS Word Document, 32.2KB)

8 October 2013: Meeting Minutes (MS Word Document, 35.7KB)

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