Electricity Market Reform (EMR): Institutional Framework Expert Group

Three expert groups to test and improve policy proposals, comprised of industry experts and DECC policy team members.

Role of the group

DECC has established 3 Electricity Market Reform (EMR) expert groups which will play an important role in testing and improving policy proposals:

  • Capacity Market Expert Group
  • Contracts for Difference Expert Group
  • Institutional Framework Expert Group

The expert groups are comprised of industry experts as well as DECC policy team members and will complement other forms of stakeholder engagement.

Terms of reference

Terms of reference (PDF, 59.8KB, 2 pages)

Meeting papers

Meeting papers: February 2014 (ZIP, 193KB)

Meeting papers: January 2014 (ZIP, 215KB)

Meeting papers: November 2013 (ZIP, 426KB)

Presentations; EMR IFE Group meeting: 10 October 2013 (ZIP, 228KB)

Meeting papers: 29 August 2013 (ZIP, 212KB)

Meeting papers: 8 August 2013 (ZIP, 1.01MB)

Meeting papers: July 2013 (ZIP, 513KB)

Meeting papers: June 2013 (ZIP, 258KB)

Meeting papers: May 2013 (ZIP, 1.02MB)

Meeting papers: March 2013 (ZIP, 470KB)

Meeting papers: February 2013 (ZIP, 671KB)


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