Independent Restraint Advisory Panel

The IRAB helps assess the safety of restraint systems in secure children's homes, secure training centres and young offender institutions.

Role of the group

The Independent Restraint Advisory Panel (IRAP) was established in February 2012 as a successor organisation to the Restraint Advisory Board (RAB).

It is responsible for:

  • assessing the quality and safety of systems of restraint commissioned for use on children in secure children’s homes
  • supporting the implementation of Minimising and Managing Physical Restraint (MMPR) - the new system of restraint for use in secure training centres and under-18 young offender institutions


  • Professor Susan Bailey (Chair)
  • Professor Gillian Baird
  • Richard Barnett
  • Pam Hibbert
  • Geoff Hughes
  • Dr David Perry
  • Professor Richard Williams

Terms of reference

You can read the group’s terms of reference (PDF, 159KB, 10 pages) .

Contact details