Health Premium Incentive Advisory Group

Health Premium Incentive Advisory Group (HPIAG) will assess the indicators in the Public Health Outcomes Framework for consideration as candidates for the health premium incentive scheme.

Role of the group

HPIAG provides advice and detailed consideration to the Advisory Committee on Resource Allocation (ACRA) so that they can make recommendations to the Secretary of State on the final selection of indicators and the underlying formulae to drive payments.

HPIAG will also explore ways of allowing some local choice in the measures used, so that the incentive can reflect local strategies, provided bureaucratic overheads can be kept to a minimum.


  • Janet Atheton (Chair) (Sefton Council)
  • Michael Chaplin (Department of Health)
  • Dr Stephen Lorrimer (Department of Health)
  • Tim Baxter (Department of Health)
  • Alyson Morley (Local Government Association)
  • Ben Barr (University of Liverpool)
  • Dr Ann Marie Connolly (Public Health England)
  • Kate Davies (NHS England)
  • Ian Gray (Chartered Institute of Environmental Health)
  • Justine Fitzpatrick (Public Health England (London))
  • Matthew Sutton (University of Manchester)
  • Paul Lincoln (UK Health Forum)
  • Peter Goldblatt (UCL Institute of Health Equity)
  • Rob Poole (Local Government Association)
  • Steve Watkins (British Medical Association)
  • Dave Roberts (Health & Social Care Information Centre)
  • Mike Robinson (Croydon Council)
  • Dr Paul Edmondson-Jones (City of York Council)
  • David Buck (The King’s Fund)
  • Chris Bentley (Public Health Consultant and ADPH HINST Associates)


19 July 2013: meeting minutes and ACRA interim report (ZIP, 412KB)

24 May 2013: meeting minutes (PDF, 35KB, 4 pages)

9 April 2013: minutes (PDF, 65.4KB, 7 pages)

Terms of Reference

HPIAG Terms of Reference (PDF, 166KB, 18 pages)

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