Food Authenticity Steering Group

Helping to protect consumers by addressing food fraud and misleading food labelling activity.

The Food Authenticity Steering Group aims to identify research and survey needs that will help to protect consumers by addressing food fraud and misleading food labelling activity.

Terms of reference

  • To identify trends and global drivers likely to impact on food labelling, standards and the potential for food fraud, deceptive and misleading activities.
  • To identify overarching authenticity research and survey needs t hat will assist in reducing fraudulent, deceptive or misleading practices to protect consumers and enhance the competitiveness, resilience and sustainability of the food supply chain.
  • To advise on the priorities for commissioning authenticity research which contribute to developing robust methods and methodologies to detect food mis-description and adulteration with a focus on areas of highest risk.
  • To advise on authenticity surveys, that targets areas of highest risk.
  • To assist in identifying effective knowledge transfer activities between local authorities; official control laboratories (public analysts and food examiners) and other stakeholders, including the food and drink industry as appropriate.
  • To assist in identifying where research outputs may be of value to Defra’s work on development of authenticity technologies.
  • To cooperate with the Food Standards Agency, other organisations, delivery bodies and trade associations with an interest.


  • Lindsay Harris (Chair ASG and Deputy Director, Food Policy Unit Defra)
  • Andrew Smith (Lancashire Public Analyst)
  • Selvarani Elahi (Chair, AMWG and Deputy Government Chemist, LGC)
  • Alison Lord (British Retail Consortium)
  • Gordon Wiseman (Premier Foods)
  • Kerina Cheesman (Food and Drink Federation)
  • Sandra Westacott (Association of Port Health Authorities)
  • Stuart Killip (Cumbria Trading Standards)
  • Jane Couper (Dundee Public Analyst)
  • Sue Davies (Which?)
  • Sandy Primrose (Food Authenticity Programme Advisor)
  • John Questier (Food Standards Agency)
  • Anne Gravett (Food Standards Agency)
  • Andrew Damant (Food Standards Agency)
  • Susanne Boyd (FSA Scotland)
  • Hilary Neathey (FSA Wales)
  • Mervyn Briggs (FSA Northern Ireland)

Defra and Food Standards Agency Secretariat

  • Lucy Foster (Food Chain Evidence, Defra)
  • Andy Furmage (Food Chain Evidence, Defra)
  • Paul Ndede (Food Chain Evidence, Defra)
  • Anne Gravett (Food standards Agency)

Further information

If you want to receive copies of the minutes of this group, please contact us via the email address below.

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