Ethnic Minority Employment Stakeholder Group

The Ethnic Minority Employment Stakeholder Group (EMESG) advises government on actions it might take to make sure ethnic minorities don't face disproportionate barriers to achievement in the labour market.

The Ethnic Minority Engagement Stakeholder Group has now closed. DWP has chosen to operate on a more one-to-one basis, and our intention is to engage in a more targeted and ad hoc approach. This will involve linking up with specific organisations who we feel can help us develop specific aspects of our plans.

Role of the group

The Ethnic Minority Employment Stakeholder Group (EMESG) advises government on:

  • the impact of DWP’s services and strategy on the employment and self employment of ethnic minorities
  • planned and existing services, policies and strategy relating to ethnic minorities
  • labour market barriers faced by ethnic minorities across Britain and how to overcome them

Aims of the group

The government’s strategy for increasing ethnic minority employment is to offer flexible support through Jobcentre Plus and Work Programme providers at a local level. These programmes support each individual jobseeker rather than treat people according to ethnic groups.

The EMESG’s aims are:

  • to ensure, where relevant, that government initiatives have a clear focus on reducing the ethnic minority employment gap
  • to encourage employers to tackle discrimination in the workplace and embrace diversity practices
  • to ensure ethnic minority perspectives and considerations are kept high on the agenda for policy makers

Terms of reference


EMESG has:


Members are volunteers from networks and organisations that represent black and minority ethnic interests across the UK.

  • Sandra Kerr OBE, National Campaign Director, Race for Opportunity, Business in the Community (chair)
  • Mohammed Ali OBE, QED Foundation
  • Atiha Chaudry, Manchester Black and Minority Ethnic Network
  • Collette Cork-Hurst, UNITE the Union
  • Jeremy Crook OBE, Black Training and Enterprise Group
  • Terry Day, Greater London Authority
  • Cecil Edey, Minority Share Ltd
  • Raj Jalota, Islington Borough Council
  • Dr Omar Khan, Runnymede Trust
  • Yvonne MacNamara, Irish Traveller Movement in Britain
  • Professor Monder Ram OBE, De Montfort University
  • Wilf Sullivan, TUC
  • Dr Kathlyn Wilson, University of Bedfordshire Business School



20 November 2014: meeting minutes (PDF, 90.7KB, 5 pages)

3 July 2014: meeting minutes (PDF, 82.4KB, 6 pages)

24 April 2014: meeting minutes (PDF, 91.8KB, 7 pages)

13 February 2014: meeting minutes (PDF, 102KB, 8 pages)


28 November 2013: meeting minutes (PDF, 78.6KB, 5 pages)

26 September 2013: meeting minutes (PDF, 93.6KB, 7 pages)

13 June 2013: meeting minutes (PDF, 97.3KB, 6 pages)

18 April 2013: meeting minutes (PDF, 77.9KB, 4 pages)

14 February 2013: meeting minutes (PDF, 67.1KB, 4 pages)

17 January 2013: meeting minutes (PDF, 64.1KB, 5 pages)


20 November 2012: meeting minutes (PDF, 75.4KB, 2 pages)

For previous minutes please go to the National Archives website.

Engaging with ethnic minority communities

The EMESG has produced advice for employers and public sector organisations on helping people from ethnic minorities overcome barriers to achievement in the labour market. It also provides examples of some of the public and private sector projects that are helping to meet the aims of the EMESG.

Engaging with ethnic minority communities (PDF, 78.2KB, 3 pages)