Devices Expert Advisory Committee

The Devices Expert Advisory Committee (DEAC) replaces the Committee on Safety of Devices and is responsible for providing independent, external expert input and advice on a wide range of aspects relating to medical devices to help the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in the execution of its role in ensuring the safe introduction and management of medical devices.

DEAC was formed following an independent review on Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency’s (MHRA) access to clinical advice and engagement with the clinical community. The committee is chaired by Dr Peter Nightingale. DEAC will also support MHRA in developing and maintaining collaborative relationships with clinical professional bodies.

Terms of reference

DEAC will help MHRA by:

  • taking a strategic view of initiatives to make medical devices and their use safer and more effective
  • providing clear advice on the safety and functioning of medical devices
  • developing a clear strategy which aligns to policy across healthcare sectors and UK, EU and global settings
  • offer advice on the development of device-related policies
  • having a clear and focused partnership with decision makers and those who deliver healthcare
  • maintaining a robust and effective network and dialogue with all who carry out device-related activity – from a register of experts to professional, patient and public users
  • advising on the format and targeting of ΜHRA’s communications with the health service

More specifically DEAC will support MHRA in a number of areas including:

  • access to ‘ad hoc’ expertise when necessary
  • help in further development of MHRA’s register of clinicians who can support our role in ensuring that clinical investigations performed in the UK are safe and effective:
    • by working through the medical Royal Colleges and other professional bodies
    • by providing direct advice on the development of broader standards/guidance
  • signposting/making connections with professional bodies
  • making MHRA aware of emerging issues and help shape strategy to respond
  • brainstorming specific emerging issues to inform policy and operational activity
  • as an independent reviewer in cases of dispute or facilitate such a review
  • being involved in the preparation of papers and position statements that illustrate and reflect the work and achievements of the MHRA Devices Division
  • contributing to quality assurance systems within MHRA


Chairman: Dr Peter Groves

Professor Derek Alderson

Ms Anna Crossley

Mr Gerard Dean

Dr Kathleen Ferguson

Professor Ian Kimber

Ms Mirella Marlow

Mr Edward Morris

Ms Sara Payne

Dr Iain Robertson

Dr Carl Waldmann

Professor Jeremy Wyatt


Minutes for DEAC meeting: 4 May 2017 (PDF, 172KB, 3 pages)

Minutes for DEAC meeting: 2 February 2017 (PDF, 46.4KB, 3 pages)

Minutes for DEAC meeting: 15 September 2016 (PDF, 28.1KB, 3 pages)

Minutes for DEAC meeting: 23 June 2016 (PDF, 94.8KB, 3 pages)

Minutes for DEAC meeting: 25 February 2016 (PDF, 93.6KB, 3 pages)

Minutes for DEAC meeting: 7 July 2015 (PDF, 42.9KB, 3 pages)

Minutes for DEAC meeting: 5 November 2015 (PDF, 66.9KB, 3 pages)

Dates of meetings

2017 meeting dates

Thursday 22 February 2018

Thursday 7 June 2018

Thursday 1 November 201

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