Defence Intelligence

Defence Intelligence is a world-class defence intelligence, counter intelligence and cyber electromagnetic activity effects organisation, founded on professionals who are decisively engaged.

Defence Intelligence is an integral part of the MOD and the main provider of strategic defence intelligence to the department and the armed forces. It provides timely intelligence products, assessments and advice to guide policy decisions and the commitment and employment of the Armed Forces; to inform defence research and equipment programmes; and to support military operations. We are world class at what we do and we want you to be a part of it.

Our responsibilities

Headed by the Chief of Defence Intelligence (CDI), we are responsible for:

  • providing intelligence products and advice to policy, deployment and research decisions
  • contributing to the UK’s central intelligence system, alongside other government departments and relevant agencies
  • supporting other government departments, allies, the EU and NATO

Our organisation

Defence Intelligence is a diverse organisation, with multiple branches that operate unique capabilities. Some of our branches are detailed below:

  • Joint Forces Intelligence Group: delivers intelligence, information, services and force elements including deployed forces to defence, other government departments and international partners. Multiple intelligence capabilities of the intelligence community are brought together here, enabling integrated, coherent and agile support to defence and national needs
  • Joint Intelligence Training Group: provides innovative and responsive training, which is crucial across the disciplines of intelligence to fulfil current and future defence and national requirements
  • Defence Cyber: coordinates cyber security, ensuring cohesion between offensive and defensive capabilities. Our armed forces depend on information and communications systems, both in the UK and on operations around the world.

Approximately 4000 people work in Defence Intelligence, which includes civilian staff working side by side with serving military personnel. Defence Intelligence staff are in great locations, including sites in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Central London.

Career opportunities

The need for intelligence delivery is growing and the way in which we provide exceptional products is always evolving. It takes a diverse range of people to operate within our team and we are always on the lookout for talented individuals to join us.

With Defence Intelligence you can look forward to a career that offers enormous scope for personal and professional development across a broad spectrum of disciplines; from administrative and business management roles, to specialist roles such as Geospatial and Imagery Analysts. Find the role that suits you on the Civil Service jobs website. Additionally, vacancies are advertised in the national, specialist and local press. Points of contact are identified within all our job advertisements.

Multiple opportunities are out there to work with us at Defence Intelligence.

As an alternative to the civilian sector, explore the positions within our armed forces that are involved with intelligence delivery:

Defence Intelligence is an equal opportunities employer. The success of our organisation depends on the calibre and commitment of the people whom it employs.