Death Certification National Steering Group

The Death Certification National Steering Group is working with a wide range of organisations to simplify and strengthen the process of death certification as part of its response to the recommendations of the Shipman Inquiry.

Role of group

The role of The Death Certification National Steering Group is to reform the process of death certification to address:

  • weaknesses with the current system
  • recommendations of the Shipman Inquiry’s third report

The main aims of the reforms are to:

  • strengthen safeguards for the public
  • make the process simpler and more open for the bereaved
  • increase the quality of certification and data about causes of death


  • Prof. John Newton, Chair (NHS South Central)
  • Sally Bye (Local Government Association)
  • Dr Martin Donnelly (Department of Health, Northern Ireland)
  • Chris Dorries (HM Coroner Sheffield)
  • Dr Alan Fletcher (Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust)
  • Pro. Peter Furness (Royal College of Pathologists)
  • Catherine Horsfield (Royal College of Pathologists)
  • Mark Green (Bereavement Services Association)
  • Geraldine Hughes (Local Government Association)
  • Divya Patel (Communities and Local Government)
  • Christine Hurst (Coroners’ Officers Association)
  • Tessa Ing (Department of Health)
  • Debbie Kerslake (Cruse Bereavement Care)
  • Debbie Large (Coroners’ Officers Association)
  • James Lowell (Association of Anatomical Pathology Technologists)
  • Nigel Lymn Rose (National Association of Funeral Directors)
  • Clive Leverton (National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors)
  • Tim Morris (Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management)
  • John Pollard (HM Coroner South Manchester)
  • Rick Powell (The Federation of Burial and Cremation Authorities)
  • Daisy Shale (Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust)
  • Kathryn Griffin (Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust)
  • Dominic Smales (Ministry of Justice)
  • Geraint Davies (Ministry of Justice)
  • Mini Mishra (Scottish Government)
  • Alan Starkey (Welsh Government)
  • Glenn Taylor (Local Government Group)
  • David Trembath (General Register Office)
  • Lucy Vickers (Office of National Statistics)
  • Dr Julia Verne (Director of the South West Public Health Observatory)
  • Anne Wadey (Bereavement Advice Centre)
  • Stephen White (Cremation Society of Great Britain)
  • Dr Michael Wilks (BMA Forensic Medical Committee)


26 October, 2011: minutes (PDF, 57.1KB, 6 pages) 27 July, 2011: minutes (PDF, 46.1KB, 6 pages) 27 January, 2011: minutes (PDF, 57.7KB, 6 pages)