Cycle Training Standards Board

The CTSB's role, minutes from meetings and contact details.

The Cycle Training Standards Board (CTSB) was formed in February 2007 by the Department for Transport (DfT) as an advisory body to the DfT on the National Standard for cycle training.

Our members

The CTSB’s current membership is made up of representatives from the following organisations:

  • British Cycling
  • CTC
  • Cycling Scotland
  • Department for Transport (chair)
  • Northern Ireland Assembly
  • Road Safety GB
  • The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA)
  • Scottish Government
  • The Association of Bikeability Schemes (TABS)
  • Transport for London (TfL)
  • Welsh Government
  • Association of Chief Police Officers

Our role

The role of the CTSB is to advise DfT on the development, maintenance and delivery of the national standard for cycle training. The CTSB will:

  • provide advice and comment on the development of the National Standard
  • take part in consultations and working groups relating to the development of the National Standard
  • provide technical advice to DfT on issues relating to the National Standard
  • assist DfT in providing quality assurance for the National Standard
  • keep DfT informed of the views and experiences of the cycle training industry and other interested parties.
  • be advocates and ambassadors for the National Standard

Members of the group are invited to contribute to the above by attending meetings chaired by DfT, by taking part in consultations and working groups and by providing written feedback as required.


Contact details