Contracts For Difference (CfD) Expert Group on Metering

The group explores proposals and highlight potential questions, challenges and practical issues on metering, with a view to informing potential solutions and contributing to recommendations as requested by DECC.

The CfD Expert Group on Metering includes representatives from large and small generators, trade associations, government officials and industry experts.

Since the August publication DECC, in consultation with the CfD Expert Group on Metering, has further developed the metering policies designed for the CfD mechanism. These policies have been specifically designed to ensure that all types of generation can participate in the CfD Scheme.

Terms of reference

Terms of reference (MS Word Document, 64.7KB)

Key documents

Finalised Policy

Public Trading Generators (PDF, 152KB, 2 pages)

Embedded Generators (PDF, 252KB, 3 pages)

Private Wire Generators (PDF, 226KB, 5 pages)

Private Wire: Mechanisms and Controls (PDF, 317KB, 3 pages)

Baseload DSF and Biomass Conversions (finalised policy) (PDF, 398KB, 18 pages)

Policy in Development

Baseload DSF and Biomass Conversions (policy in development) (PDF, 318KB, 5 pages)

Intermittent DSF (PDF, 310KB, 5 pages)

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