Bovine TB Eradication Advisory Group for England

TBEAG advised on the development and implementation of the strategy for eradicating bovine TB.

Role of the group

The Bovine TB Eradication Advisory Group for England (TBEAG) was an expert group with responsibility for advising Defra ministers on TB strategy.

The group ran until February 2021 when it was replaced by the Bovine TB Partnership.


The group:

  • helped with the implementation of the 25-year strategy to eradicate bovine TB in England
  • advised on funding and budgetary issues
  • advised on compliance with EU legal requirements and on the development of the UK’s EU-funded Bovine TB Eradication Programme
  • provided advice on the full range of issues relating to bovine TB at the request of the AHWBE or Ministers
  • took an active role in communicating and explaining any resulting changes to stakeholders, engaging regularly with the farming industry, veterinary profession and wider stakeholders

Terms of reference

Read the TBEAG terms of reference (PDF, 87.2KB, 1 page)


details of our membership (PDF, 92.6KB, 3 pages)

Minutes of meetings

Highlight reports of meetings can be obtained on request by emailing

Older minutes are available on the National Archive website.

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