BIS Chemicals sector team

The unit is arranged in teams based on the key primary products and themes within the chemicals industry.

Additionally, it should be noted that another department (eg Defra) may have the overall policy lead even where there is a BIS interest noted below:

  • Commodity, Consumer, Speciality and Fine Chemicals - including dyestuffs, pigments, crop protection, pharmaceutical ingredients; BIS discussions relating to the implementation of the EU Chemicals strategy (REACH)
  • Chemicals Sector Regulatory Forum; Plastics and Rubber Sector; BIS discussions relating to the implementation of the EU Biocides Products Directive; Security of hazardous chemicals and misuse of chemicals
  • Chemicals Regional, Cluster Strategy, Chemicals Innovation - including R&D, Technology Transfer, Materials Innovation, Speciality Chemicals Innovation, Chemistry Innovation Knowledge Transfer Network, Regional Chemical Initiatives

Chemicals Industry Regulatory Forum

This joint government/ industry body is a response to the better regulation agenda.If you would like to know more, please contact group secretary Alastair East.

Contact: Adrian Barker Tel 020 7 215 1801

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