Armed Forces Pension Board

The Pension Board is responsible for assisting the Secretary of State for Defence, as Scheme Manager, in ensuring compliance with the scheme regulations and other legislation relating to the governance and administration of the scheme and any statutory pension scheme that is connected with it.

Purpose of the Pension Board

In addition to the statutory responsibilities the Pension Board has 4 primary functions;

  • Responsibility for the effective and efficient governance of the Armed Forces Pension Schemes. To ensure that those in receipt of a pension receive accurate, timely benefits under the scheme rules and excellent customer service thereby ensuring that schemes are administered correctly and appropriately, and in accordance with regulations
  • To oversee and input into communications with the scheme membership and other stakeholders and report back on any stakeholder views on business as usual or other additional communications
  • To monitor all Pension Scheme material issues to ensure consistency of application and a seamless service for members
  • To develop positive, co-operative working relationships with all of the stakeholders and provide a forum to receive feedback from them on issues with the scheme

Pension Board Members

The Pension Board has an equal number of employer and employee members. Members represent the interests of all of the Schemes’ beneficiaries and stakeholders. There are 15 members (including the Chair) as follows:

  • Chair – Non Executive Director
  • Employer representatives
  • Director Service Personnel Policy (D SP Pol) - 2* Civil Servant
  • Head of Remuneration (Hd REM) - 1* military, currently an Air Commodore
  • Director Resources Head (D Res Hd ) - 1* civil servant
  • Reserve Forces & Cadets Assistant Head Capability (RFC AHd Cap) - currently vacant
  • RN Pay Colonel - RN Capt
  • Army Pay Colonel - Col
  • RAF Pay Colonel - Gp Capt
  • Member/employee representatives
  • Forces Pension Society (FPS)
  • Royal British Legion (RBL)
  • Single rep from the Forces’ Families Federations
  • Reservist Members’ Representative; a volunteer from the Chain of Command
  • Members’ Rep from the RN; a volunteer from the Chain of Command
  • Members’ Rep from the British Army; a volunteer from the Chain of Command
  • Members’ Rep from the RAF; a volunteer from the Chain of Command