Advisory Committee on the Safety of Blood, Tissues and Organs (SaBTO)

The Advisory Committee on the Safety of Blood, Tissues and Organs (SaBTO) advises UK ministers and health departments on the most appropriate ways to ensure the safety of blood, cells, tissues and organs for transfusion/transplantation.


  • Professor James Neuberger (chair)
  • Dr Su Brailsford (consultant in epidemiology and health protection)
  • Dr Chris Callaghan (transplant physician)
  • Dr Akila Chandrasekar (tissue transplant)
  • Dr Paul De Sousa (regenerative medicine specialist)
  • Dr Effrossyni Gkrania-Klotsas (infectious diseases consultant)
  • Andrea Harris (nurse)
  • Dr Rachel Hilton (nephrologist and transplant physician)
  • Professor Will Irving (virology)
  • Professor Richard Knight (prion disease specialist)
  • Dr Lynn Manson (haematologist)
  • Professor James Mason (health economist)
  • Professor Alison Murdoch (IVF, fertility and stem cell specialist)
  • Professor Michael Murphy (haematologist)
  • Professor Peter Simmonds (microbiologist)
  • Dr Stephen Thomas (blood service manager)
  • Professor Jean Manson (prion specialist)
  • Ms Charlotte Silver (lay representative for blood transfusion)
  • Mr Roger Graham (lay representative for organ transplantation)


  • Dr Gary Mallinson (NHSBT)

Member biographies (PDF, 287KB, 8 pages)

Terms of reference

Terms of reference (PDF, 24.8KB, 1 page)

Code of Practice

SaBTO Code of Practice (PDF, 316KB, 14 pages)

Members’ interests

Register of members' interests (PDF, 44.6KB, 4 pages)


SaBTO meeting papers and minutes from September 2012 on-wards

Minutes before September 2012


Paediatric Components Working Group statement

PCWG statement (PDF, 97.2KB, 1 page)