Advisory Committee on Borderline Substances

The Advisory Committee on Borderline Substances (ACBS) is responsible for advising on the prescribing of nutritional and dermatological products for use in NHS primary care.

Role of the ACBS

The ACBS is responsible for advising on the prescribing of borderline substances for use in NHS primary care.

Borderline substances are nutritional or dermatological products that have been specially formulated to manage medical conditions.

The ACBS reviews applications for borderline substances made by manufacturers. Products approved and recommended by the ACBS are listed in Part XV of the Drug Tariff.

The ACBS has published its work programme for 2022 (PDF, 117 KB, 2 pages).

Stakeholder consultation on oral nutritional supplements

We are analysing your views on changes being proposed to ACBS policy about oral nutritional supplements listed in Part XV of the Drug Tariff.


  • Ms Alison Smith, Chair (Prescribing Support Consultant Dietitian)
  • Dr Ian R White (Consultant Dermatologist)
  • Dr Andrea Hilton (Pharmacist)
  • Ms Una Cuthbert (Prescribing Support Dietitian)
  • Ms Emily Walters (Dietitian)
  • Mr Stuart Lakin (Pharmacist - Head of Medicines Management)
  • Mr Stephen Lewis (Consultant Physician and Gastroenterologist)
  • Ms Emma Emmerson (Dietitian – Nutrition and Dietetic Service Lead)
  • Dr Amit Arora (Consultant Physician/Geriatrician)
  • Ms Rosemary Stennett (Medicines Management Dietitian)
  • Ms Evelyn Ward (Paediatric Dietitian)
  • Ms Charlotte Ellerton (Specialist Dietetic Practitioner in Metabolics)
  • Ms Anne Daly (Paediatric Metabolic Dietitian)
  • Ms Ghazala Yousuf (Medicines Optimisation Dietitian)
  • Natalie Yerlett (Dietetic Lead for Dermatology)
  • Sarah Britton (Medicines Management Dietitian)

Current vacancies

Please email the ACBS Secretariat if you are interested in opportunities to join the committee:

Submit an application for review by the ACBS

See the guidance and forms for submitting applications.


We only publish minutes for the previous 6 months. Please contact the ACBS Secretariat if you require the minutes of earlier meetings.

Meeting minutes 14 September 2021 (PDF, 161 KB, 12 pages)

Meeting minutes 15 and 16 November 2021 (PDF, 202 KB, 18 pages)

Meeting minutes 14 and 15 March 2022 (PDF, 834 KB, 15 pages)

Annual report

The ACBS does not publish an annual report. The Code of Practice for Scientific Advisory Committees sets out the content that should be published in an annual report. These are the committee’s purpose and activities, its membership and members’ interests, and a financial statement. All of this content, with the exception of a financial statement, is recorded in the minutes of its meetings or published on GOV.UK.

The ACBS does not publish a financial statement because there is very little financial activity to report. Members are entitled to claim repayment of expenses, but they are not paid for their services.

ACBS Secretariat address

ACBS Secretariat
Room 2NE007
Department of Health and Social Care
Quarry House

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