Administrative Justice Forum

The group advises the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) on their oversight of the administrative justice and tribunals system.

Role of the forum

The forum provides a direct link between experts from across the administrative justice and tribunals system and the organisations that work with and represent its users. The forum brings an independent perspective to policy and practice in this important area of justice to inform the programme of work MOJ will take forward to improve the system for users and taxpayers.

Read the Administrative Justice and Tribunals: A Strategic Work Programme 2013-16.

The forum’s aims are to:

  • gauge how the administrative justice and tribunals system is working, and identify any areas of concern or good practice
  • provide early, informal, testing of policy initiatives (This will not replace formal consultation undertaken for any significant policy proposals where this is appropriate.)

The forum, sponsored by MOJ, is independently chaired and holds meetings at least twice a year. Minutes of the forum’s meetings will be published below.

The current membership, which is not fixed, includes representatives from complaint handlers, adjudicators, ombudsmen and members of the judiciary, as well as representatives of users across the UK jurisdictions. The forum is in its early days so the time is right to set an ambitious but achievable programme.

AJF minutes: November 2014 (PDF, 26.6KB, 3 pages)

AJF minutes: May 2015 (PDF, 32.3KB, 3 pages)

AJF minutes: 4 November 2015 (PDF, 239KB, 4 pages)

AJF minutes: 6 April 2016 (PDF, 234KB, 3 pages)

AJF minutes: 6 July 2016 (PDF, 292KB, 4 pages)