Adult Autism Programme Board

The board works to improve health and wellbeing outcomes for people with autism and their families by overseeing the implementation of 'Think Autism', the 2014 update to the Adult Autism Strategy.


  • David Mowat (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Community Health and Care)
  • Clara Swinson, Co-chair (Department of Health)
  • John Devapriam (Care Quality Commission)
  • Zandrea Stewart (Association for Directors of Adult Social Services)
  • Rachel Moody (self-advocate)
  • Trevor Wright Co-chair (self-advocate & parent carer representative)
  • Peter Hopkins (parent carer representative)
  • Declan Murphy (Kings College London)
  • Susan Kirkman (parent carer representative)
  • Eric Heath (self-advocate)
  • Simon Baron-Cohen (University of Cambridge)
  • Terry Brugha (University of Leicester)
  • Mark Lever (National Autistic Society)
  • John Phillipson (Autism Alliance UK)
  • Hazel Watson (NHS England)
  • Amanda Wadsworth (Department of Work & Pensions)
  • Emma Sass (Department for Education)
  • Rebecca Ward (Ministry of Justice)
  • Abigail Gallop (Local Government Association)
  • Jolanta Lasota (Ambitious about Autism)
  • Carole Buckley (Royal College of GPs)
  • Gyles Glover (Public Health England)
  • Suzanne Eusman (Autism Plus)


See Autism Programme Board minutes, agendas and papers published since September 2014

03 February 2014: meeting papers (ZIP, 2.7MB)

22 October 2013: meeting papers (ZIP, 431KB)

24 April 2013: minutes, agenda and meeting papers (ZIP, 521KB)

7 November 2012: meeting minutes (PDF, 66.5KB, 8 pages)

Terms of reference

The Board oversees implementation of ‘Think Autism’, the 2014 update to the Adult Autism Strategy, by:

  • monitoring general progress being made against the commitments of the strategy
  • providing challenge and support to government departments, the NHS and Local Authorities on their contributions to the adult autism agenda
  • considering and acting upon issues raised by key stakeholders


Autism Programme Board Secretariat
3rd Floor
Richmond House,
79 Whitehall,
London SW1A 2NS

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