Adult Autism Programme Board

The Adult Autism Programme Board has now closed. It has been replaced with a new approach for the autism strategy.

This group has closed. The autism strategy has not changed but it is now managed in a different way

Information about the old board can be found below.


  • David Mowat (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Community Health and Care)
  • Clara Swinson, Co-chair (Department of Health)
  • John Devapriam (Care Quality Commission)
  • Zandrea Stewart (Association for Directors of Adult Social Services)
  • Rachel Moody (self-advocate)
  • Trevor Wright Co-chair (self-advocate & parent carer representative)
  • Peter Hopkins (parent carer representative)
  • Declan Murphy (Kings College London)
  • Susan Kirkman (parent carer representative)
  • Eric Heath (self-advocate)
  • Simon Baron-Cohen (University of Cambridge)
  • Terry Brugha (University of Leicester)
  • Mark Lever (National Autistic Society)
  • John Phillipson (Autism Alliance UK)
  • Hazel Watson (NHS England)
  • Amanda Wadsworth (Department of Work & Pensions)
  • Emma Sass (Department for Education)
  • Rebecca Ward (Ministry of Justice)
  • Abigail Gallop (Local Government Association)
  • Jolanta Lasota (Ambitious about Autism)
  • Carole Buckley (Royal College of GPs)
  • Gyles Glover (Public Health England)
  • Suzanne Eusman (Autism Plus)


See Autism Programme Board minutes, agendas and papers published since September 2014

03 February 2014: meeting papers (ZIP, 2.7MB)

22 October 2013: meeting papers (ZIP, 431KB)

24 April 2013: minutes, agenda and meeting papers (ZIP, 521KB)

7 November 2012: meeting minutes (PDF, 66.5KB, 8 pages)

Terms of reference

The Board oversees implementation of ‘Think Autism’, the 2014 update to the Adult Autism Strategy, by:

  • monitoring general progress being made against the commitments of the strategy
  • providing challenge and support to government departments, the NHS and Local Authorities on their contributions to the adult autism agenda
  • considering and acting upon issues raised by key stakeholders


Autism Programme Board Secretariat
3rd Floor
Richmond House,
79 Whitehall,
London SW1A 2NS

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