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This consultation has concluded. Results can be found in the OTS’s report ‘Simplification of the corporation tax computation’.

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OTS reports on their initial work looking at simplifying the Corporation Tax computation and makes a call for evidence

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Our current review of the Corporation Tax (CT) computation follows up one of the key recommendations in our 2014 Competitiveness review.

Terms of reference for the current review were published in May 2016 and preliminary work has been ongoing over the summer.

Today the OTS has published a progress report and call for evidence in relation to this work.

This document considers what a simpler system might look like and the relevance of the computation for today’s companies and reports initial views from stakeholders. It also sets out a number of emerging themes that we intend to be the focus of the second phase of this work.

We have also published a supplementary paper and supporting tables, highlighting what we think are the most frequently used CT adjustments. We want to use this to help us identify those adjustments which would benefit from simplification.

We would like to invite you to contribute towards the second phase of work by sharing your views with us on:

  • the themes and most frequent adjustments we have identified
  • how you think the system could be simplified
  • identifying any other key areas for reform of the CT computation not covered by the report

You can do this by:

  • sending your thoughts directly to the OTS mailbox
  • arranging a face to face meeting with the team

Please contact us here

We have also launched two short surveys to try and capture specific views, one for small business taxpayers and the other for professional advisors. If you represent one of these groups we would encourage you to also share your opinions with us through this channel.


OTS CT Review - Progress Report

CT Adjustments - Summary Paper

CT Adjustments (summary table)

Published 1 November 2016
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