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New open access train operators: rail network capacity charges

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Seeks views on our proposed approach to changing capacity charges which new open access operators have to pay when using the rail network.

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Consultation description

We are seeking views on our proposed approach to changing the capacity charges which have to be paid by new open access operators (OAOs) when operating trains on the UK rail network.

We have decided that new entrant OAOs will pay Control Period 4 rates on services below a certain threshold and Control Period 5 rates above that threshold. This approach is to ensure that we are treating existing and new entrant OAOs in the same way, as required by European law and our section 4 duties.

This consultation outlines our approach to implement the decision and proposes the threshold that would be set, the ways that capacity charges will be calculated and how we would define a new entrant OAO.

Published 16 May 2014