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Consultation on access to Business Register and Employment Survey (BRES) estimates on Nomis

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Public consultation on proposed changes to how BRES estimates are disseminated on Nomis

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Consultation description

We propose to have two different levels of access to BRES data (public access and safeguarded), both of which will involve the use of rounding to address issues of confidentiality.

We invite your comments on the impact that these changes will have on your work. In particular we would be interested in your thoughts on:

  1. the impact on your work of using rounded estimates

  2. the benefits and drawbacks to you of using a publically available dataset as an alternative to the safeguarded dataset, based on the rounding thresholds provided in the consultation document

  3. the impact to your organisation of no longer being required to complete an application for BRES data

Published 24 February 2016