Space for Smarter Government Programme (SSGP)

SSGP is a strategic national programme led by the UK Space Agency and delivered in collaboration with the Satellite Applications Catapult.

SSGP aims to drive the uptake and use of space products, data and services within the UK public sector to make Government policy delivery and operations more efficient and ‘smarter’, whilst at the same time stimulating innovation and growth in the space sector. Visit the SSGP website for more information.

As well as working with individuals, teams and organisations, SSGP also works across Departmental boundaries, joining up Government requirements and exploring new opportunities for space applications. The Space for Smarter Government Programme regularly runs competitions to identify innovative technology solutions to meet public sector requirements and help create sustainable operational services from satellite data.

Competition winners from industry and academia have run projects on a whole range of real-life policy issues: from making mobile medical screening vehicles more efficient, monitoring air quality hotspots and improving water quality standards. Visit the case studies section of the SSGP website for further information. We currently have three demonstrator projects being funded by SSGP.


Published 20 September 2017