Small Companies project - Committee membership

Membership of the Small Companies project consultative committee

Small Companies Consultative Committee membership

It has been the OTS’s practice on our previous projects to form small, informal Consultative Committees (CCs), comprising up to 10 members. The role of the CC is to assist us with the direction of the project concerned: to suggest avenues for exploration (including people/groups to meet), to critique our plans, provide practical insights, to debate our findings and in due course to review our ideas and recommendations. This helps us achieve our aim of producing reports that are evidence-based, balanced and credible. Consultative Committee members are unpaid and input to the OTS project through occasional meetings as well as by correspondence.

Members of the Consultative Committee

The members are:

Andrew Gotch

Angela Williams

Asif Ahmed

Ben Baruch

Chris Bryce

Emily Coltman

Professor Judith Freedman

Rebecca Benneyworth

Tony Thorne

A representative from each of HM Treasury and HMRC attend CC meetings.

1st Meeting of the CC

The CC had an initial meeting on Wednesday 7 October. The main topics discussed were:

  • Terms of Reference for the project

  • Problems in practice: where do CC members see difficulties

  • The OTS’s key questions: CC members reviewed and commented on a draft set of questions that the OTS will be using to guide discussions at its meetings

  • Project plan, including timings

  • Groups and bodies the OTS plans to visit: OTS tabled an initial list and CC members added further suggestions, including suggestions of other particular countries’ systems we should study.

2nd Meeting of the CC

The CC had its second meeting on Wednesday 7 October. The main topics discussed were:

  • An update on engagement with stakeholders to date: CC members made further recommendations of stakeholder to meet

  • Progress on the small company taxation survey

  • Emerging themes from the review

  • An updated project plan, including timings.

Published 28 October 2015
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