Local Health: public health data and mapping tool for small areas

Public Health England's Local Health tool presents data on health and the wider determinants of health for small geographic areas.

The Local Health tool uses mapping software to present data for middle super output areas (MSOAs), electoral wards, clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), local authorities, and England as a whole.

It contains indicators related to:

  • population and demographic factors
  • wider determinants of health
  • health outcomes

The tool allows users to map data and provides spine charts and reports for small areas. Users can also define their own geographic areas, such as local neighbourhoods, and add their own data.

Using the small area data, Local Health can calculate the values for the larger geographic areas, such as regions, parliamentary constituencies, combined authorities and county electoral divisions.

View the Local Health website

Chrome users will need to install the free Adobe Flash Player plug-in to use the tool.

Local Health is now also available on PHE Fingertips.

Data updates

  1. Local Health: indicator updates
  2. Local Health: June 2019 update
  3. Local Health: October 2017 update

User engagement

We welcome feedback on the Local Health tool to help us adapt to meet the changing needs of users. Published results of recent user surveys and other engagement activities are available below.

  1. Local Health: user engagement
Published 4 June 2019