IAEA Licensed Packages and Transport Systems

LLWR manages the entire lifecycle of all supplied package designs; from design, manufacturing, testing, license management, with additional maintenance and engineering support for re-usable package designs.

All relevant documentation for each package design are prepared and managed by LLWR and available to customers via the links provided in the table below:

Supply Service

  1. TC01R – Re-usable half-height IP-2 ISO Container
  2. TC01 – Half Height IP-2 ISO Container
  3. TC03 – Third Height IP-2 ISO Container
  4. TC06 – Two Third Height ISO Container
  5. TC08 – Half Height IP-2 WAMAC ISO Container
  6. TC14 – 210 Litre IP-2 Drum (Solids/Liquids)
  7. TC19 – 210 Litre IP-2 Drum (WAMAC Compatible)
  8. TC21 – FED Half Height IP-2 ISO Container
  9. TC02 Waste Box WB1 (Full Size)
  10. TC02 Waste Box WB2 (Half Size)
  11. TC02 Waste Box WB4 (Quarter Size)

Hire Service

  1. TC02 – Half Height Re-Usable IP-2 ISO Container
  2. TC02 – S2 Stillage
  3. TC02 – S3 Stillage
  4. TC05 – Multi Use IP-2 ISO Skip
  5. TC11 – Half Height IP-1 Soft Sided Package Transport System
Published 1 March 2017