Case study

The Sensible Code Company working with Office for National Statistics

The Sensible Code Company provides a statistical disclosure control system for the Office for National Statistics


Office for National Statistics


The Sensible Code Company

Contract description:

The contract focuses on the provision of a statistical disclosure control system that allows high-speed querying by users on confidential census data.

Contract delivery area:

UK wide

Contract value for SME:


CCS Framework through which business was won:

G-Cloud 8

Supplier factfile


The Sensible Code Company


Aidan McGuire

What the company does:

Sensible Code makes products that turn messy data into valuable information and works with statisticians, economists and data managers to resolve gnarly data problems. Sensible Code makes TableBuilder - a product that makes it safe to publish large confidential data like census or health data. It applies a confidentiality algorithm in real time in response to a user data request. They also make - software that is used everywhere from Costa Rica to China by large financial institutions.

Company HQ:

Liverpool, UK



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Annual turnover of company:


Number of employees:


Type of SME:


Supplier’s experience

In relation to the contract awarded, how did you find the procurement process?

We’ve been a participant on several G-Cloud Frameworks over the years with CCS. We’re comfortable with the application process. There is a clear sign up process. The timeframe for completion is fair. All of the steps are digital. The sections of the application are logically split into two main sections a) compliance obligations (which every company must meet) and b) an applicant company’s specific product/service offerings. It’s also easy to renew when a framework is updated.

What benefit does your company receive from supplying to the public sector?

Working with the public sector enhances our business credentials. We use case studies from our public sector work in our business development pitches with other organisations, particularly when working with international clients who are impressed by our work with the UK Government.

What was/is/will be the outcome of the contract for the client?

We fulfilled the contract successfully and ONS is currently evaluating whether to move the project to the next phase of development. Our relationship with the client has been one based on co-production and partnership which has influenced the positive outcomes of the contract.

How would you like to work with the public sector in the future?

We’re an innovative technology company that is solution focused. We’re keen to share our energy and enthusiasm with more public sector organisations - we recognise the importance of supporting clients who might be initially apprehensive.

Customer’s testimonial

“We developed a great partnership with Sensible Code Company over the last couple of years. The team are super quick to understand and grasp complex issues but more than that actually listened to what we needed. We appreciated their commitment to remain agile to get things done and deliver on time. We’ve worked with Sensible Code on two separate occasions and on very different projects. Each time we came away with more than we’d originally anticipated, on time and on budget.”

Darren Barnes - Head of Data Publishing Office for National Statistics, Swyddfa Ystadegau Gwladol

Published 19 December 2018