Case study

FlyingBinary working with The National Lottery Community Fund

FlyingBinary working with The National Lottery Community Fund on the delivery of 'A Better Start'


Big Lottery Fund


FlyingBinary Limited

Contract description:

The delivery of a Data Visualisation Strategy, the creation of a secured and GDPR compliant data pipeline, reporting, business analysis and the creation of Data Visualisation application management and support throughout the delivery of ‘A Better Start’ - a National Lottery funded strategic investment, which aims to improve child outcomes in 5 key local areas of England.

The ‘A Better Start’ dashboard will collect, curate and deliver the data, which evidences the outcomes for children in 5 local authority partnerships. The outcomes achieved by the Better Start Programme will be contextualised alongside other areas of the UK to indicate the opportunities for improving child outcomes in other areas of the UK. The use of FlyingBinary’s secured and GDPR compliant G-Cloud services provides end to capability for all 5 key areas, a national evaluation team and Big Lottery staff to share data and collaborate on improving child outcomes across the entire data value chain.

Contract delivery area:

North West, London, South East, East Midlands, Yorkshire & Humber

Contract value for SME:

Less than £100,000

CCS Framework through which business was won:

G-Cloud 10

Supplier factfile


FlyingBinary Limited


Dr Jacqui Taylor

Date company established:

May 2010

What the company does:

FlyingBinary are a web science company which changes the world with data and technology. Providing cloud, data and collaboration services, including Big Data and IoT on HM Government accredited G-Cloud platforms. FlyingBinary are Cyber Essentials accredited by NCSC and have transformed organisations and nations, evidencing the value of a connected organisation across the web with no reliance on the EU/US Privacy Shield by leveraging EU Cyber Legislation and GDPR.

Company HQ:




Social media:

Twitter @flyingbinary

Annual turnover of company:


Number of employees:


Type of SME:


Supplier’s experience

In relation to the contract awarded, how did you find the procurement process?

Very easy. It works as well for the supplier and the buyer.

What worked well and what could have been done better?

We always refresh our G-Cloud services for each G-Cloud Framework submission, upgrading services based on buyer requests or feedback. We have added additional services for every G-Cloud iteration. G-Cloud 10 has solved one of the biggest problems we have, we were able to copy our G-Cloud 9 services to the G-Cloud 10 submission, a huge saving in time for us

What benefit does your company receive from supplying to the public sector?

We have sold our G-Cloud services as commercial equivalents across the world, recently being recognised by Insights Success as one of the 20 most innovative IoT companies in the world based on our G-Cloud services. The Internet of Things (IoT) study released by the editorial team highlighted FlyingBinary’s diligence in utilising a HM Government framework to deliver secured and accredited IoT in complex domains such as Smart Cities. This IoT award underpins FlyingBinary’s decision to utilise G-Cloud and NCSCs Cyber Essentials certification as a foundation for the delivery of secured GDPR compliant Big Data, IoT, Smart Cities and Artificial Intelligence services.

What was/is/will be the outcome of the contract for the client?

They are able to solve complex data visualisation and sharing requirements from the G-Cloud framework using our GDPR and Cyber Essentials accredited services. A Better Start which aims to improve child outcomes in 5 areas of the England will utilise the dashboard to demonstrate evidence based outcomes from this prevention based initiative in 5 challenging areas of the England. The delivery of our G-Cloud services alongside the partnerships delivering A Better Start maximises the value of the evidence base for the outcomes for children being delivered by this innovative and preventative initiative.

Customer’s testimonial

“G-Cloud 10 was an incredibly simple and efficient way for the Big Lottery Fund to procure a credible organisation capable of delivering our ABS data dashboard. The data dashboard will allow the five A Better Start partnerships to compare their performance with other partnerships enabling them to share learning and knowledge more effectively. The data from the five partnerships will be aggregated up to provide a programme level dashboard which will support the partnerships and The Fund in informing national as well as local policy. The common data set and dashboard will support the partnerships to deliver their agreed outcomes, most notably their ability to affect a systems change through evidence based practice.”

Matt Riddell, Funding Manager, The National Lottery Community Fund

Published 2 April 2019